Friday, July 10, 2015

Goodbye Mesozoic Archives, Hello NMPDN!

For those of you still here, I'd like to inform you that Mesozoic Archives is, as of now, defunct and null void. I had a great early start at blogging here, but now, after a long leave of absence, I realize that many of my earlier writings on this blog are quite amateur, and I'd like to try a different format and environment for writing.

As such, I've decided that I shall be making a move to a separate blogging location. My new blog, titled Notions of a Most Peculiar Dinosaur Nerd, will be a blog focusing on Paleontology, but also cover various topics of Biology, Science Fiction, Worldbuilding, Art, and many other topics I (and I hope others) find interesting.

It's sad to see the old place go, but I hope you’ve learnt from writings and enjoyed the place. Thank you for your support, and wish you all to join me at my new location. Cheers, and see you there! :)

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