Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dinosaurs on Ice is out!

Brilliant illustration by Julio Lacerda of an Arctic Troodontid
You can see this stunning image and more on my first published article.
So, as I've said in a number of previous posts, I was asked back in October to write an article for a magazine called AncientPlanet Online Journal, an online magazine which talks about current research concerning archaeological discoveries and our ancient Earth. I'm sincerely happy to announce that after all my hard work, the article has been published! You can now read the full article in Vol. 4 published on March 12th. I would've written earlier, but I just had my wisdom teeth removed and wasn't able to work on a post (and as a result of the surgery, my face currently looks like a pufferfish).

Now for a little back story. When I was first asked by the editor of the magazine to write the article, I was, quite frankly, dumbfounded to say the least. After starting this blog in December 2011, this was a major step up! In looking over the other articles in the Journal, I could tell that my work would be published alongside some pretty amazing scientists, and I was honored to say the least. So I went for it, and after a few weeks of researching and writing, I came up with a piece that I was proud of. Thank you to the editor, Ioannis Georgopoulous, for having in faith in me to follow through and deliver a solid final product. I was also able to collaborate with young paleoartist Julio Lacerda, who has to be one of the best paleoartists on Deviantart I've ever seen for his stunning reconstructions of dinosaurs and other extinct animals. I asked permission to use some of his artwork in my article, and he happily agreed. Thank you, Julio, for letting me use your incredible art. I'll have to think of a way to properly thank you, but in the meantime, I recommend all of you visit his blog at The Casual Paleoartist, which shows all of his amazing work.

So there you have it, my very first published article. Now I have to decide on what to write for my next one. Any ideas? As always, I'll be happy to take suggestions. Until then, stay sharp!

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