Saturday, February 9, 2013

Giant Dromaeosaurids

So, during my short a absence (partially due to testing at school, partially due to an illness I've had) I've been cooped up and unable to work on some of the blog posts I've started. Yesterday, I decided to make another video, this time devoted to four species of giant dromaeosaurids: Utahraptor ostrummayosorum, Achillobator giganticus, Austroraptor cabazai, and Itemirus medullaris.

Itemirus medullaris, is extremely poorly known, despite the fact it was found in the 50's, which is unfortunate because it seems to represent a huge species of velociraptorinae, making it a first. I was also going to note the huge dromaeosaurid teeth found in England as well as a few fragmentary remains that might belong to dromaeosaurids, but since they all haven't been named or properly described yet, we're just going to have to stick with these guys for the time being.

Expect more deinonychosaurs soon, and remember that I take requests for post topics. I might even make a video if someone really requests it. :)

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