Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Digging on the Net: Episode 2

Ok,  I atleast thought this deserved a Digging on the Net post. While looking up Saurolophus after my last post, I happened to come across this picture from HodariNundu on deviantART:

Apearently this is his theory on Saurolophus,
I would agree with it if it wasn't for the fact the inside of the crest was solid.

XD Here is his idea:

"Alternative theory of the Saurolophus' behavior. The crest was really an inflatable dirigible. When it wanted to travel, it asked a friend to inflate his head, and he would float to the stratosphere, safe from tyrannosaurs. In that way Saurolophus colonized many continents. It became extinct when it became too selfish to inflate other Saurolophus' crests."

Feel free to share your own opinion about what Saurolophus' crest was for, all ideas are welcome.

I don't take credit for anything, the picture belongs to HodariNundu and deviantART.

1 comment:

  1. Minor display feature. Nothing more, nothing less. I find holding the baloon on its face highli improbable. I'd sooner expect it to be covered with colorful keratin.