Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to the Dino Archives

Illistration of a Tyrannosaurus by Raul Martin

Welcome my fellow Time Travelers to the Dinosaur Archives! I'm your fellow Dinosaur nerd RaptorX and I'm here to help you explore the past and its mesmerizing splendor. Dinosaurs have been part of my life since I was little, and ever since I first learned how to read, my one true dream was to become an expert in paleontology.

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures filled with mystery, and our ideas are almost constantly changing about them; a book published just a few months ago might have old information seeing just how fast paleontology changes. Why when I was a baby, probably less than 14 years ago, dinosaurs seemed to be scaly reptiles, now we know that many were covered in filaments that evolved to become the first true feathers.

All that one needs to do to learn about what dinosaurs were like is to use their own mind and some ingenuity. Many in-depth scientific studies start by looking at both modern animals, and by looking into our own minds to imagine a long lost world. Most recently, scientific discoveries and ideas over the last few years have changed much of what we originally thought about them. We're only just scratching the surface to understand behavior in these animals, which is what I'm particularly interested in and studying right now.

I hope you will all join me to see just how amazing these creatures were. Any questions, ideas, and theories for topics will be greatly appreciated and all comments are also welcomed. I hope you all enjoy your time on my site and are able to learn as much as you wish about these extinct creatures.

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